Lo de Silvia Tango FestivalDear dancers!
Those who are looking for a partner may be recorded on a “Find a Partner” List that appears below.
Fill out the “Find a Partner Form”  and it will be published on the list.


Please note:

*This form is not for registration to the festival, it is only to be in the “Find a Partner” List.

**Filling out the form is non-binding (i.e. you are neither registering for a festival, nor are you required to participate in any class).

Please send us a message if you have found a partner or wish to delete your information from the list.


“Find a Partner” List

(To email one of the dancers in the list below, please click on her/his name)

Name (gender) Years Of Experience Classes Speaking Languages Height Age Range Message
Alice Volkov (F) 6 6, 7, 8 Russian, Hebrew, English 160 40-50
Raya Smail (F) 7 4,6,11 English, Hebrew, Russian 156 50-60 please email to
Александр (M) מלה Русский 172 40-50 Alex Richi
Otilia Rossetti (F) 10+ 7, 11 English, French, Italian, Romanian, Hebrew 1.65 50-60 If they are available, I would like to take 1-2 private lessons with Nito and Elba