Nito & Elba

Juan Aurelio García and Elba Natalia Sottile, artistically known as Nito and Elba, are a legendary pair of tango teachers, who have taught generations of renowned teachers.
Elba was born in Junin, Buenos Aires, and Nito was born in Buenos Aires Province. Nito began his professional career by winning fifteen consecutive dancing contests from 1955 – 1965.
The couple met in 1973, and soon married and began dancing together. Over the past forty years, they have become one of the most highly respected and beloved tango couples worldwide, starring in events all over the world.
Elegant and graceful, they are true representatives of “The Golden Age of Tango”. They have danced with various orchestras, including the “Osvaldo Pugliese’s Orchestra” (1966).
Since 1991, they have travelled around the world, spreading Argentinian tango and their weath of knowledge to their students. They are known for the generosity and originality of their teaching methods.
It is a great honor for us to host this legendary tango couple for the second time here in Israel, and share in their tango treasures.


Fernando & Sol

Fernando Gracia – Dancer, Choreographer, actor & producer

  • Trained in classic ballet and jazz dance, Fernando Gracia is one of the youngest choreographers in the world.
  • For over twenty years, he has performed in the biggest theatres in Europe, Asia and Northern America.
  • He won the stage category at the Mundial de Tango in 2007, and has been invited to judge, on numerous occasions, in Tango Mundial competitions in Moscow, Rome, Shangai, Seoul and Los Angeles.
  • He has received international praise and acclaim, along with his partner, for his dancing and choreography.
  • He was recognized as an honorary member of Unesco’s All Arts Council and Dance World Council. Plate number: 18293
  • One of his peaks as choreographer was his leading role in the Maria Nieves tribute, and the Champions Gala in 2012.
  • AAs a producer, he is head of the Tango Secrets Festival, which has graced the nights of Buenos Aires, Turkey, Greece and Italy since 2003.
  • He was invited by Dolores de Amo to dance for renowned tango houses in Buenos Aires, while spreading the art of tango to Argentinean provinces and other countries, including Italy, Greece, Turkey, China, Russia, Japan and Indonesia.
  • The international premiere of TangOasis, created by his partner, producer and dancer Sol Cerquides, will take place in March 2019, in which Fernando participates as choreographer and lead dancer.

Sol Cerquides – Dancer, Choreographer & Actress

  • stands out for her versatility and commitment to dance and art, not only in tango, but also contemporary dance, ballet, jazz, dance, clowning, dramatic art, and singing, in various well-known institutions.
  • She won the tango-milonga category of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Championship in 2010.
  • She won fourth place at the Mundial de Tango.
  • As a dancer, she has participated in many renowned tango events, in Argentina, Latin America, the United States, Europe, and Asia, including: “Tango Metropolis”, “Tango y Noche”, “Bodas de Sangre”, “Código Tango”, “Estampas porteñas”, “Tango Rouge Company”, “Arrebato de Tango”, “Tango Secrets Show (co-choreography) and “Esquina Carlos Gardel Company”.
  • Along with her partner Fernando Gracia, she was selected by the Buenos Aires City Hall to judge various branches of the Mundial de Tango in Moscow, Rome, Shangai, Seoul and Los Angeles, as well as in Argentinian cities such as Salta, Mendoza  and Santa Fe.
  • From 2010 until today, she has taken part in the most prestigious shows in the Buenos Aires, most prominently: Carlos Gardel Corner, Sabor a Tango, Tango Palace, Tango Porteño, Esquina Homero Manzi, and Piazzolla Tango Show.
  • She is known for her technique, grace and teaching skills, and has thus been invited, since 2010, to teach at international festivals in Dubai, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, Greece, Denmark, China, the United States, and more, as well as in various Argentinian provinces.
  • In August 2012, she was co-choreographer of the tribute to the great dancer Maria Nieves, held at the Luna Park of Buenos Aires.
  • She was invited to judge the International Ballroom Contest (“World Latin 2014”) at the Kremlin in Moscow, where she also received an award for her contribution to spreading Argentinian culture around the world.
  • In 2016, she appeared, along with her partner, as a dancer in the movie “Tita de Buenos Aires” directed by Teresa.
  • She now appears as a model in advertisements in Greece and Indonesia, and participates, along with her current partner, in important international festivals around the world.