Nito & Elba

NITO & ELBA Lo de Silvia Tango Festival

Juan Aurelio García and Elba Natalia Sottile, artistically known as Nito and Elba, are the mythical couple, teachers of many renowned teachers for many generations.
Elba was born in Junin, Buenos Aires and Nito in Buenos Aires Province. Nito started his professional career by winning fifteen consecutive dancing contests from 1955 – 1965.
They met in 1973 and soon married and began dancing together. Over the past 40 years, they have become one of the most highly respected and beloved tango couples worldwide, starring in events throughout all over the world.
Elegant and graceful, they are true representatives of “The Golden Age of Tango”. They have danced with different orchestras, including the “Osvaldo Pugliese’s Orchestra” (1966).
They travel around the world since 1991 spreading the Argentinian Tango and transmitting to their students all of their knowledge and quality. They are known for the generosity and originality of their teaching.
It is a great honor for us to host this legendary Tango couple for second time here in Israel, who will share with us their Tango treasure.





Analía Vega & Marcelo Varela

Analía Vega and Marcelo Varela Lo de Silvia Tango Festival

Analía and Marcelo are considered among the best professional tango dancers and teachers from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their tango style reveals the mastery of the improvisation matching the convoluted expression of the music.
Re-discover the dancing with other activities such as: Theater, Ballet, Contemporary, Music and a constant search and research.
They have participated in various tango shows as dancers and choreographers, in the movie “Evita” by Alan Parker as dancers, among others, and they teach and perform in the most renowned Festivals all over the world.

Wonderful couple both in dance and in life (more than twenty years together!), That captures us with an intimate dance, genuine, passionate, deep and elegant.





Magdalena Gutierrez & Germán Ballejo

German and Magdalena Lo de Silvia Tango Festival

Winners of the World Tango Championship 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Magdalena and Germán have developed a style which can be defined as a traditional dance with contemporary elements, characterized by its elegance
and expressiveness, as well as by its original musicality.
Throughout their career they have integrated important and renowned dance companies, performing in diverse theaters in Argentina and in the world.
They have participated in innumerable International Festivals, giving courses and shows. Always with the same passion and professionalism that characterizes them.