Vivi La Falce is an Argentinian tango DJ, with more than 18 years of experience in DJing at milongas in Buenos Aires, in international events, and on cruises.

She has worked at important events such as the Tango Festival “Mundial de Tango BA” for six years, as well as the Big Milonga of De Mayo Avenue (Av. De Mayo), Costa Cruises, and more.

La Falce is known for her professionalism, and her ability to read the dance floor and adapt her music to the dancers, thus infusing the milongas with the unique feel of Buenos Aires.

When asked to define herself, she says it all in very few words:

“I’m Vivi. I work as a DJ. I don’t feel like an artist. I see the role of the DJ as an “animator”, and that helps me keep my feet planted on earth. I love the music but don’t love the attention. My place is in the background. People come to dance and want to shine, and my job is to look at them, knowing that they are the protagonists, and make sure they dance and enjoy every moment.”

Without a doubt, Vivi La Falce’s name is a guarantee for a good milonga.

Hezy Yeshurun

Hezy Yeshurun Lo de Silvia Tango Festival
Photo: Liat Lerner

Hezy is Tango-DJing for 14 years, in the most popular milongas in Israel, in Paris, San Francisco and International festivals. He plays the classics – a combination of  Guardia Vieja, Golden age as well as selected 50’s music.

On top of Tango his hobbies include Computational Brain Research and HiTech.

Was recently an invited DJ at Parakultural Canning milonga in Buenos Aires.

Ralph Nasi

The globe must seem really small to Ralph. He spent most of his life in Australia, often travels to Argentina and all over the world. Now he is popularizing the traditional style of tango in his native Turkey. A true Warrior of Codigos and Knight of the Golden Age, Ralph knows well how to create the perfect milonga.