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Demoliendo Tangos

Demoliendo Tangos is a “tango project” founded in 1999 by Federico Mizrahi and Luis Longhi (bandoneonist, actor and writer), where new instrumental tango compositions are presented in a theater / concert show.

The first cd that bears the name of the band released in 2001. Contains about half of new compositions by Mizrahi, songs like “Petite musique” or “Cielita linda” that have a marked melodic accent, with romantic and nostalgic airs. Their second cd, “Carne argenta” has original songs as “Saboreando tintos”, “Praga” and “Eternos interiors”.  “Movies”,  is a potpourri of music from European films.

A decade later, in 2010 Federico Mizrahi recorded his first  “solo” CD. In “Contratiempo y Marea” the novelty is surely the milongas.

Since 2003 “Demoliendo tangos” perform on tours in Europe: Italy, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Russia, Germany, Slovenia, Belgium and the United Kingdom to mention a few. They appear as a duo of piano and bandoneon.

In 2010 the bandoneonist Gustavo Battistessa joined the orchestra. His participation added to the duo the signature of a great tango classic orchestras, having as main feature a virtuoso and clear sound, by virtue of having played in numerous typical orchestras such as the “Juan Darienzo” or “Color tango”, and in the most traditional tango houses in Buenos Aires.

The main characteristic of the duo “Mizrahi – Battistessa” is the great variety of tango resources and power.


Federico Mizrahi

Federico Mizrahi - Lo de Silvia Tango Festival 2018Demoliendo Tangos founder, pianist, arranger, composer, producer and musical director.

He became recognized as one of the central figures in the new generation of composers and arrangers of tango. For his work in the musical comedy theater as a director and arranger he received numerous awards and prizes.

His original instrumental tango music is frequently heard and danced today throughout Buenos Aires and elsewhere on the most celebrated Tango events both is  by his group “Demoliendo tangos” and as soloist.






Gustavo Battistessa

Gustavo Battistessa is a renowned Bandeneon player. He was born in Buenos Aires,Argentina in 1971. He learned bandoneon with Domingo Mattio. Throughout his career he played with outstanding musicians and orchestras: Moreno Tango Orchestra (Argentina), Miguel De Caro Quartett (Brazil), Avellaneda Tango Orchestra (Argentina), Juan D’Arienzo Orchestra (Japan), The singer Julia Zenko (Lima,Peru), Color Tango Orchestra (İtaly), La Chicana Quartett (Senegal), The singer Amelita Baltar (Argentina), Atilio Stampone Orchestra and Julio Bocca Ballet (Japan and China), Argentina

Tango Review (Miami Beach,USA), Luis Borda Quartet (Germany and Austria), Battaglia-Battistessa Duo (Germany).

Since 2007 he lives in Turkey and is playing with local orchestras:  Okotango Orchestra (Turkey), Eskişehir Symphonic Orchestra (Turkey), Piatango Orchestra (Turkey), Opera Orchestra of Ankara (Turkey), Tangorama Orchestra (Turkey), Cafe Tango (Turkey), Antalya Symphonic Orchestra (Turkey)

In 2010 joined the orchestra Demoliendo Tangos.



Bar Pinto

Bar Pinto - Lo de Silvia Tango Festival 2018Bar Pinto is a violin player that specializes among others in Argentine Tango. She was born in Madrid, Spain, where she began her musical and violin studies from young age to follow her passion of music and the violin.

As a young woman she moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to continue her education in classical music but also broaden her education to Argentine Tango and Latin American music.

Bar studied in some of the most prestigious academies in Buenos Aires, such as Teatro Colón, Universidad de Buenos Aires and the Orquesta  Escuela de Tango where she also received a scholarship. Among her teachers are some of the most celebrated tango musicians: Pablo Agri, Ramiro Gallo and  Emilio Barcalce, to name a few.

Bar was also invited to perform in well-known tango Houses, theaters and concert halls in Buenos Aires.

With her Tango group Bar recorded two albums. She also was invited to participate in other albums and travelled on Tango tours to Argentina and Europe.
Since 2014 she lives in Israel. In parallel she also continues with her other passion, to teach violin and employ music for therapy.

Since 2015 she also takes part in the “Royalty Violin Show”  performing in Israel and abroad.