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Demoliendo Tangos

Demoliendo Tangos is a tango ensemble founded in 1999 by Federico Mizrahi (pianist, composer, musical director and arranger) and Luis Longhi (bandoneonist, actor and writer). Together, they perform new instrumental tango compositions in performances that blend music and theater

Their first joint album was released in 2001, with half its compositions written by Fredrico Mizrahi. Melodic songs such as “Petite Music” or “Cielita Linda” are also tinged with a romantic, nostalgic ambience. “Carne Argenta”, their second CD, includes original songs such as “Saboreando Tintos”, “Praga” and “Eternos Interiors”, which have become ensemble classics, as well as “Movies”, one of the ensemble’s most popular songs, which weaves together music from European films.

In 2010, Federico Mizrahi recorded his first solo CD, in which the song “Contratiempo y Marea” demonstrates his innovative milongas.

Since 2003, Demoliendo Tangos has performed across Europe, in countries such as Italy, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Russia, Germany, Slovenia, Belgium and the United Kingdom. They appear as a piano and bandoneon duo, occasionally hosting singers or musicians. Their most frequently guest is Walter “El Chino” Laborde, a singer who continues to appear with the ensemble on international stages.

El Chino and Federico met in 2001, at a casting call for a tango based musical called “The Romeo and Juliet Affair” (“El Romance del Romeo y la Julieta”). El Chino, a street singer at subway exits at the time, auditioned for Federico, the musical director, and quickly won him over, as well as the part of Mercuccio, Romeo’s faithful friend. In 2017, El Chino and Federico worked together again on “Gardel, the Musical”.

In their new concert tour, entitled “Chino Laborde – Federico – Demoliendo Tangos Tour”, this pair, among the most prominent representatives of contemporary tango in Buenos Aires, create an intimate performance of piano and voice, joining together in an impressive countrapuntal dialogue , winning the hearts of broad audiences around the world.

Federico Mizrahi

Federico Mizrahi – founder of Demoliendo Tangos, pianist, arranger, composer, producer and musical director.

Mizrachi is a central figure among the new generation of composers and musical arrangers of contemporary tango. He has received numerous awards, in Argentina and beyond, for his work as director and arranger of musical theater.

His original instrumental tango music, performed both with his ensemble and as a soloist, is frequently played at today’s most renowned tango events. Tango enthusiasts in Buenos Aires and throughout the world dance to his melodies.

Walter “Chino” Laborde

El Chino is a singer, vocalist and actor born in Avellaneda, Argentina. Over the last 20 years he has performed internationally and recorded more than 10 albums. In 2015 he was nominated as the best singer for the Konex Award. El Chino works in various mediums such as theatre, cinema, radio and television. He is a founding member of Orquesta Tipica Fernandez Fierro and has performed as a guest singer with Sexteto Mayor, Orquesta Tipica Sans Souci, Orquesta Tipica La Pichuco and Orquesta Tipica La Tanturi orchestras. El Chino regularly collaborates with the guitarist Dipi Kvitko and with the maestro, composer, director and arranger Federico Mizrahi. He is currently on tour with the Solo Tango orchestra in Russia.