“Lo de Silvia” Tango Festival

Lo de Silvia Tango Festival

The festival takes place in Tel-Aviv. It was born as a celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Milonga “Lo de Silvia” in Tel-Aviv, in May 2017.

There are four full days of learning, emotion, inspiration, sensoriality and lots of fun. Master-Classes, four milonga evenings with performances by the Maestros and breathtaking music, with the participation of dancers from Israel and other countries: Argentina, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, United States and Ukraine.

The first Festival took place in May 2017 (24-27) and the second in May 2018 (23-26).

Our guest artists were:

In 2017 ~ Maestros: Graciela González – Leonardo Sardella, Ariadna Naveira – Fernando Sánchez, Analía Vega – Marcelo Varela, Ramiro Gigliotti. Dj’s: Fernando Sánchez & Marcelo Varela (Argentina), Maria Mondino (Argentina), Hezy Yeshurun (Israel) and Silvia Rajschmir (Argentina).

In 2018 ~ Maestros: Nito & Elba – Analía Vega & Marcelo Varela – Magdalena Gutierrez & Germán Ballejo. Dj’s: Alexandra Kotelnitskaya (Ukraine), Roberto Lehner (Switzerland), Olga Agapova (Russia)  and Hezy Yeshurun (Israel). Musicians: “Demoliendo Tangos” – Federico Mizrahi & Gustavo Battistessa. Guest musician: Bar Pinto.

We are very excited about our third Festival!!! We are waiting to meet you!


Silvia Rajschmir – The tango that embrace Israel*

Silvia RajschmirSilvia is a tango dancer, teacher, DJ and producer.

She was born in Buenos Aires, where she studied with the most renowned teachers.

Silvia taught tango classes in many places in Buenos Aires and since settling in Israel in 2000, has been extremely active in the promotion and dissemination of tango and Argentine culture. Over all this period since 2000,  that she has worked uninterruptedly in Israel, Silvia has founded “Lo de Silvia” – a tango school, weekly milongas and practicas – organized numerous master-classes with guest teachers from Argentina, led Tango Tours to Buenos Aires, participated in shows and worked as a tango DJ.

In addition to tango, her education includes studies of: bachelor degree in psychology, theater, musical comedy, singing, and gyrokinesis.

Her latest project was the organization & production of the “Lo de Silvia Tango Festival 2018” her second Festival of Argentine Tango in Israel, that took place in Tel-Aviv in May 2018.

“Lo de Silvia”

Tango School

Lo de Silvia Tango
Photo: Sasha Alechov

The Tango School “Lo de Silvia” opened in March 2000 and operates in the city of Tel-Aviv-Yafo. The school has students ranging from 20 to 70 years of age, including native Israelis and immigrants from Latin America and the former Soviet Union Republics. Between 2000 and 2012 the school worked simultaneously in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. She has taught also in Haifa and Beersheba.








Milonga and Practica

Lo de Silvia Tango Milongas & PracticasMilonga “Lo de Silvia” is the largest milonga in Israel. It is held once a month, the last Friday of each month in Tel-Aviv, and is attended by 120 to 150 participants. The first milonga “Lo de Silvia” took place in Jerusalem. It was held weekly, every Thursday, from 2001 until 2011. Silvia Rajscmir is the DJ and music arranger.

Practica is a space for people to try new movements or ideas, to practice, to correct technique, or simply come to dance. It takes place every Wednesday – since 2006. Attendance: 100-140 people.




Master – Classes

Lo de Silvia Tango Master-ClassesSince 2000 Silvia organized Master-Classes taught by internationally renowned tango teachers, colleagues from Argentina of the highest level: Graciela Gonzalez, Milena Plebs, Fernando Galera, Ariadna Naveira and Fernando Sanchez, Nito and Elba Garcia, Horacio Godoy & Cecilia Berra, Elina Roldan, Ramiro Gigliotti, Analia Vega and Marcelo Varela, Mariela Sametband and Guillermo Barrionuevo, Luis Bruni, Damian Rosenthal and Paulo Araujo.






Tango-Tour to Buenos Aires

Lo de Silvia Tango-Tour to Buenos Aires

This is a professional tango learning experience, an immersion into that culture and the unique experience of dancing in the best milongas in Argentina with local dancers. Silvia has organized two already (Passover 2014, 2016) and the third is on the way!








* Marina Gambier, “Silvia Rajschmir, el tango que abrazó a Israel”,  La Nacion 27.05.14